Infinix Pocket Quick Charge Powerbank Review 2

Infinix XP01

The Infinix Pocket Quick Charge Powerbank is a must companion to busy on-the-go mobile users who rely heavily on their gadgets for their work and lifestyle. Its portability, immense 10,000mAh power capacity, and multiple output ports make it the ideal charging solution for people who use their smartphone, tablet, or gaming console for extended hours during the day (or night).

The powerbank is quite compact, measuring 90.5mm x 61.9mm x 22.2mm, making it fit easily into your pants’ or shirt’s pocket. It is shorter by half than a 6″ long pen and just a few millimeters larger than a card.

Size comparison between a pen and a card

Here you can see its actual size compared to the Infinix Note 4. Plus it has a matte finish for no-slip handling.

Infinix Powerbank with Infinix Note 4

What makes this powerbank great is that it features Infinix Quick Charge 3.0. Just plug and charge any device and your device’s battery will be good to go in an hour or so, maybe even less depending on the device’s battery’s capacity.

Infinix Powerbank on-the-spot charging

You will even have some spare charge left over because of the powerbank’s 10,000mAh battery.

Infinix Powerbank charging an Infinix Note 4


  • 10000 mAh Li-Polymer Batteries (1.3 times)
  • Quick Charge 3.0
  • Palm sized
  • Type-C 18W Power Delivery
  • Provides 6 Circuit Protection Chips

Nobody wants to be incapacitated by a drained smartphone especially when you are waiting for an important call, need to access your social media account, or just have to chat with your colleagues or family. With the Infinix’s quick-charge, pocket-sized 10,000mAH powerbank handy you’ll be able to get through your day with your mobile device(s) amply charged.

Infinix Powerbank

Power Output Connectors

Type-C In/Out
Micro In
Output 1 18W QC/MTK-PE
Output 2 18W QC 3.0


Infinix Powerbank

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