Belle De Jour Power Planner 2018 Review

Belle De Jeur 2018

Pens up, Bellas! The 12th edition of the Belle De Jour (BDJ) Power Planner is here to inspire and help you achieve your goals and dreams for 2018.

Some girls love shopping for make-up, bags, shoes and all that girlie stuff that make them look and feel good. As the year closes, I am busy shopping for planners, pens, moleskins, calendar trackers, etc. I have a thing with planning and writing everything down. I am excited with vacations and special occasions but I get extra super excited with the planning part, especially when it’s for a simple local getaway destination or a trip abroad. Birthdays are the occasions I am particular with but it is our anniversary that I focus my attention to – right down to the very last detail. With all the events to celebrate next year, I need the best planner to help me keep track of schedules and to-dos.  This is where the 2018 BDJ Power Planner comes in. It helps me stay on top of things in the busyness of life.


The opening section features the following:

2018 Goals and Checklist
My Mood Meter
Dream Board
2018 Checklist
Live Your Story
The Beauty of One
Moments to Remember
Let Your Feathers Soar

Planning section

The main section is laid out nicely. Each month page begins with tips and guidelines, and inspirational reminders to help you organize your life and keep your mind clear of distractions. Every day in every week is divided into hours to let you easily jot down appointments and other notes.  However, it is up to you to use the planner the best way it suits your needs. Personally, I don’t follow the hourly scheduling scheme. I just write down what I need to when I have to.  One thing I do which you may find helpful, I use different colored pens when I write: black for non-urgent matters, and red for things that are high on my priorities. So, feel free to use the organizer anyway you want.  Underline, use highlighters, etc.

End section

The final section of the BDJ Power Planner has the following:

The 2018 Versions of Me
Bills Tracker
Cash Flow Tracker
Emergency Information
Calendars of 2018 and 2019

Other features

A blue and pink ribbon bookmark
A backflap where your Perks of a Bella and stickers are stored. This pocket is very useful.  Keep important paper notes, discount cards, and receipts here.
The garterized back flap to keep all things in place. This is so essential especially when you are in a rush and can’t afford to lose anything.
This year they added a cute magnetic bookmark! I love these cute necessary surprises!

Perks of a Bella coupon booklet

Like most Bellas, this booklet is what we are so excited about! This is a major plus for the yearly BDJ planner. It presents you with coupons that gets you discounts from affiliated and brand partners of BDJ. Most planners don’t have this, or if they do, the coupons are very limited both in quantity and scope.

This booklet contains coupons on food, beauty, fashion, entertainment and 2 Hotels.

Don’t forget to read the front part of the booklet which contain instructions on how to get free BDJ planners for the next year!

2018 BDJ Lifestyle Card

This card is an added perk to get even more discounts! It is actually a membership card and it needs to be activated online from their website.


If this is going to be your first time to buy a BDJ Planner, be assured that you will not regret it. If you’re like me who loves giving holiday gifts to family and friends, this is a very good gift idea. Buy some and give them to your children’s teachers, your office mates, and your neighbors. The Belle De Jour has a lot of features you will never find in any digital planner!

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By the way, BDJ planners come in smyth-sewn, leather and disc-bound plus you can customize it with your own name or any name you’re gifting it for. Aside from the planner, BDJ also offers journals, sheets, stamps, stickers, wasi tapes, etc. All to customize your planner and journals and make using them an absolute delight!

Visit their site:

Happy planning your 2018 Bellas!

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