Yabu: House of Katsu

GeekInsights was fortunate enough to attend Yabu’s 14th store grand opening at Ayala Malls the 30th. Yabu had a promo, offering their katsu for only P14, we simply couldn’t resist. Since Yabu has been one of our fave Japanese katsu restos, we trooped and fell in line to be one of the lucky patrons to score the sweet deal and show our support.

To start the Yabu experience, you will be presented with a bowl of warm, toasted sesame seeds which you can grind and then mix it with tonkatsu sauce. Actually, you can mix it with any sauce you want since they have a set of condiments. The round jar holds the tonkatsu sauce. The bottles are the salad dressings that you can mix with the cabbage. There’s the wasabi sauce, sesame sauce, and soy vinaigrette. Your choices for the seasonings are sansho, chili or la-yu. Our best pick is the la-yu which goes perfectly with the katsu. The last jar on the right is the salt pig – not that you’d be needing any more flavor.

The best part for every katsu set comes unlimited servings of miso soup, shredded organic cabbage, pickles, a bowl of fresh fruit and choice of white or brown (for a healthier alternative) Japanese rice. And yes, you can request for a glass of house tea which you can have hot or cold. It’s a good cleanser for the palate. Among all the unli offerings, we always enjoy the miso soup which is seasoned just right and gives a perfect comfort soup feel in the tummy. Never underestimate the word “unlimited” to Pinoy foodies.

Miso soup: perfect comfort soup feel in the tummy

Yabu offers a wide assortment of katsu to choose from. It’s cooked with pork, chicken, seafood and even beef. Pair it with a variety of appetizers, side dishes or salads. We had four tickets so we ordered Hire, Rosu, Chicken and Dory katsu set. We highly recommend the Menchi set, it’s premium beef and pork with creamy cheese. There’s also the curry set if you prefer a spicy version. One of the best reasons why we pick Yabu is they can provide real fresh fruit juices or shakes.

The service is as usual impeccable even with this 14th store. The lines were long but the staff made sure that the customers were comfortable offering popcorn and tea. Once seated, people were not harassed into getting up once done. In fact, we just had the right amount of time enjoying our meal until the next customers were seated. The crew did a great job of service and it has been consistent from even the other branches we had visited. Refills are attended quickly and requests are hastily completed. Good service like the food gives a tremendous amount of satisfaction which every food establishment should consider.

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Yabu: House of Katsu
LG/F Ayala Malls the 30th, 30 Meralco Ave, Ortigas, Pasig

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