Pound by Todd English SM Mega Fashion Hall

Pound by Todd English
Going into Pound by Todd English we had high expectations. So, we walked in at the 2nd floor of the SM Megamall Fashion hall and the interiors were impressive.

With it’s monochromatic black and white floor panels and trendy furnishings, enclosed in a see through art piece. The golden mugs and the cutleries were obviously expensive. The place is nothing short of a really hip place to eat burgers.

If the main food hall gets crowded or if you prefer a more private set up, they have an extended lounge area which can seat 3 groups of 4 people that has a view of an open kitchen. It’s dimly lit and tightly-spaced for a more private and intimate setting.

The menu was pretty much straightforward and simple. You have a choice of a variety of burgers, some salads, some pasta and different kinds of fries. That’s it. So if you are the kind that hates complicated menus, Pound will not fail. Since the kids were with us, the first downside was there wasn’t any dessert available.

What we had

We had the classic deals for the day, We each had a Backyard Cheeseburger or a Secret Menu Burger (there’s not much of a secret there – the only difference from the backyard cheeseburger is it doesn’t have any greens in it). The set includes Good Ol’ fries and FOODEE Ice tea.

Our order came in and it tasted like a burger – plain and unimaginative. Truth is, we’ve had better burgers at less the price and much expensive ones whose prices were justifiable. Halfway through her burger our daughter complained that her burger was somewhat burnt and, true enough, when I bit into it – the charred taste was overwhelming. We did like the buns though, which we later learned were done fresh. They didn’t even have any condiments to make their burgers appetizing, you’re presented with only a cup of catsup.

Moving on, we also ordered the Pound Pomodoro full size and Poutine Pizza since the kids love pizza; and you know, it’s supposed to be fries that tastes like pizza. But then we were disappointed with these dishes as well. The pasta was dry. And we ordered a plate for sharing, their servings were really not for sharing. I have no idea how small the personal plate is but their full size can definitely be consumed by one (not so hungry) person. The Poutine Pizza didn’t exactly taste like pizza. In fact, the kids tasted it and just left it.


Overall, we enjoyed the classy set up of the Pound but we cannot say the same about their food. If you’re into flashy instagrammable places to dine at, Mr. Todd English will not disappoint. But as for the food, Don’t say we didn’t warn you. Please understand we have nothing against sophisticated places or expensive food as long as you get your money’s worth. Pound is an overpriced boring burger in a fancy joint.

Pound by Todd English is located at the 2ndF, Mega Fashion Hall, SM Megamall, Ortigas, Mandaluyong City

It’s other branch is located at B3 Bonifacio High Street, Fort Bonifacio, Taguig, Metro Manila