Mighty Quinn’s Slow Smoked Barbeque

Mighty Quinn’s Rockwell

Going to Mighty Quinn’s at Rockwell instantly made us feel getting inside a very cozy wooden cabin. We gravitated towards their prep area where we found delicious slabs of beef, chicken and pork smoked to perfection. The meat did not only look good but smelled good as well. You will feel like you have been transported to smoky heaven once you smell the food’s inviting aroma. The meat’s having been slow cooked has given them that appetizing scent, hinting at the rich flavor that awaits every one who wants to taste their fare.

We each had their famous rice bowls: Brisket, Burnt Ends and Pork Belly. Each bowl mainly had those slowly smoked meat laid on rice (choice of garlic or dirty) with egg and an array of side dishes to choose from. The spiced vinegar accentuates the flavor of these bowls.

Among the meat bowls, we enjoyed the Burnt Ends the most, it had a sweet, tangy and spicy mix to the tongue. Each bowl came with a single serve homemade iced tea, lemonade, or soda.

Burnt Ends Rice Bowl

Three of their burgers were also served: Burnt Ends BBQ Burger, Pulled Pork Burger and Beef Brisket BBQ Burger which simply had the same great meat only on brioche buns. The tender and delectable meat pressed in between buns with all the relish is just perfect for anyone who needs a burger fix. All of the burgers came with sweet potato chips.

We wanted to sample all of their best offerings so we tried the meat pairings.

Meat Pairing #1 – Combo of Burnt Ends and Pulled Pork.

Burnt Ends and Pulled Pork combo

Meat Pairing #2 – Combo of Spare ribs and Chicken.

Spare ribs and Chicken combo

Each combo comes with 2 sides, pickles, red onions and slaw

To top things off, the kids just gotta have their milkshakes. We could hardly get an instragram-worthy shot without them attacking the sweet treats!

Chocolate Milkshake

It was a very satisfying lunch, hitting the “right spot” as they say. The place sports a comfy cabin style design underscored by the savory barbeque roasted smell. Their serving portions are hefty and a good value for your money. We could not finish everything in one sitting so we had to take some home. Kudos to the crew and the management team, especially to Ms. Jaahziel P. Rivera, the manager who made sure we, and other customers, were attended to with great care.

Prep Area

Next time when you’re in the mood for barbeque let Mighty Quinn’s tender and juicy slow smoked goodness fill you!

Meat Pairing
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Mighty Quinn’s Slow Cooked Barbeque
Rockwell Center, R3, Powerplant Mall, Makati City

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