Merry Moo Ice Cream Review

Merry Moo Ice Cream Flavors

AVOCADO, STRAWBERRY SHORTCAKE, POLVORON, MILO, HORLICKS, DARK TSOKOLATE… I can go on, and on, and on. I dream of sampling all the Merry Moo flavors if I’m allowed. But for now, my Dad buys me my usual 2 scoops, and sometimes – 3 scoops if I’m lucky.

Like any other kid, I love ice cream! I can eat it all day, every day and I’ve eaten most if not all brands of ice cream. And yes, including what some call “dirty ice cream”. I have my favorite flavors, and I also have my favorite brands.

I love Merry Moo ice cream because it’s super fun to eat and so yummy in my mouth! It isn’t overwhelmingly sweet, letting me savor the rich flavors. The texture is deliciously creamy – a factor that gives the milk its distinct taste. Plus, Merry Moo keeps on creating unique and tasty, mouth-watering, and sometimes Pinoy flavors! I like it because it’s always exciting to try new tastes.

My mom found out that this ice cream helps her body produce more breast milk for my baby brother (he’s 18 months old), which gives my mom an excuse for keeping more pints for herself. Merry Moo products can be bought at the local supermarkets or grocers while the Mommy Treats are available at some scooping stations or my mom orders online. The Mommy treats are exclusively for her and the baby, bummer.

Merry Moo ice cream is so good I am proud to share it with my foreign friends. Whenever our balikbayan family and friends come over, we treat them with Merry Moo. When we tell them it’s a Pinoy product – they are so amazed!

That's not even the best part: Merry Moo is proudly Philippine-made! #merrymooicecream Click To Tweet

Merry Moo Ice Cream