Mama Lou’s Ayala Malls the 30th

Mama Lou's Front

Mama Lou’s at Ayala Malls The 30th

Mama Lou’s is one of our all time favorite restaurants. That is why we were super happy when we found out they recently opened a branch at Ayala Malls the 30th. Right smack in the middle of the metro! We no longer have to travel to the extreme south or north cities just to have our fave goodies. Plus, we learned that they added some other new yummy treats to try on their menu.

What we had

Complimentary Bread Basket
The bread though free is soft and tasty and really smells heavenly. It comes with pesto and pomodoro dipping sauce which makes it more delectable. It is refillable so you can eat to your heart’s content.  You won’t regret pairing it with any pasta or risotto dishes.

Mama Lou's Bread Basket

Bottomless Iced Tea (85.00)
This is a great deal! We have been enjoying this iced tea since we dined at their first restaurant in BF Homes. It’s the same great beverage with an affordable price. Yes, bottomless please!

Mama Lou's Iced Tea

City Sampler (495.00)
To start it off we ordered the City Sampler. This consists of chicken wings, fried calamari, Italian garlic sausage, nacho chips with tartar, pomodoro and cheese sauce. Honestly, the serving was a bit skimpy. It says, a platter good enough for sharing between 3 to 4 people. It’s not enough for 2 very hungry people.

Mama Lou's City Sampler

Chicken Marsala (390.00)
Chicken breast fillet layered with ham and mozzarella cheese in creamy marsala wine and caper sauce. This is one of the good choices we made. The chicken was cooked just right and the sauces made it extraordinarily delish! Even the side relishes – mashed potatoes (rice is another option) and fresh veggies complimented well with this dish. Their serving is enough for 2, yes hungry people.

Mama Lou's Chicken Marsala

Vesuvio (495.00)
It’s rigatoni pasta lined together to form as a mountainous bowl to be stuffed with mozzarella, ricotta, peas, Italian meatballs and egg. It’s inspired and named after Mt. Vesuvius. It was one we were excited to try for the first time but were disappointed. While they did a good job to form and present it well, it somehow did not make much of an impression to our palate. The Italian meatballs, egg and even the peas were nowhere tasted by our buds. We were expecting that eruption but pffffffttt didn’t go well so we won’t be ordering that again. Note though that we asked to have the sauce served separately so we can taste the other ingredients first. Perhaps we should have ordered it as it should have been meant to be served.

Buttered Risotto (295.00)
This is one of the reasons why we always come back to Mama Lou’s. It’s velvety taste will make you savor every spoonful of goodness. It’s a blend of creamy arborio rice mixed with butter and parmesan cheese. The texture, blend and taste is just a perfect combination. Cannot rave enough for this dish so will just recommend that you try one and just dig in. There is also the ever so popular Risotto Tartufo Funghi which includes wild mushroom and truffle cream, quite flavorful! For truffle lovers – this is a rave but if you are craving for a simple version then the buttered is best. Both are great dishes on their own and do try both to determine which dish would go with your palette or mood.

Mama Lou's Buttered Risotto

Ice Cream
It’s never complete without dessert so we ordered chocolate ice cream. This came as a complimentary for our daughter that just loves anything chocolatey. They also offer it in vanilla flavor.

Mama Lou's Ice Cream


Mama Lou’s at this new mall exudes a modern and classy interior.

The service is still impeccable – they are attentive and make sure you’re comfortable. The beverages and condiments are automatically filled up, even the bread basket was replenished as soon as the last piece was taken. The serving time is also important and Mama Lou’s has been consistent not to keep your tummy waiting – like a real good mama. There has been hit and misses with the new menu but this special restaurant will always be in our top list. Mama Lou's is a place for your your family and balikbayan friends! Click To Tweet

Mama Lou’s Italian Kitchen
2/F Ayala Malls The 30th
30 Meralco Ave, Ortigas, Pasig

Other branches:
UP Town Center
Evia Lifestyle Center
BF Homes Pque