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Kite Kebab Bar is a vibrant go-to when you’re craving for some mediterranean food. While it is a bar that has quite a range of alcoholic beverages, we were more interested in their raved dishes.

Located at one of the most busiest districts in Makati, Kite Kebab is especially abuzz with regular patrons and new guests when the sun kisses the horizon. Poblacion has been gathering a diverse range of restos catering to any food craving.

Kite Kebab Bar - menu

What We Had

Beef and Chicken Biryani

These dishes are similar except of course the other is beef while the other is chicken. It was served in large portions including the biryani rice. Both meat – the chicken and the beef were tender, seasoned just right. They were not too spicy which was wonderful since we bought both for our kids. Our toddler was even able to eat comfortably since the flavors were not overwhelming. Both meals were served with biryani rice, caramelized onions, side salad and yogurt dips. Oh yeah, the Chicken Biryani came with some very tasty side soup.

Beef on Rice

This has strips of beef on basmati rice and pieces of pita bread. It is accompanied with a side salad of wedged tomatoes and cabbage. It gives you an option to enjoy it two ways – eat it with rice and wrap it in pita. We enjoyed this as well since the beef was tender and flavorful but not did not overpower the flavor.  It was seasoned well just like the biryani dishes.

Kite Kebab Bar - Beef on Rice

Strawberry and Kiwi Shakes

We loved the thickness and freshness of the shakes, which meant they didn’t skimp on the fruit ingredients. Truly a healthy drink that contains no artificial flavoring. To top it off, they were priced just right. If you are looking for really good fruit shakes, these are very good choices.

Kite Kebab Bar - Strawberry and Kiwi Shakes


What we ordered may not seem a lot but the servings were enough to fill 2 adults, a teen and a very ravenous toddler (who ate more than half of the biryani rice). We also came midday for lunch since we knew the place gets really crowded at night. With not much customers at that time, we got to enjoy the place without distractions. The kids loved that it had very colorful murals on the walls which gave it a very unique and memorable ambiance.

Kite Kebab Bar - sitting area

Kite Kebab Bar also has a cool al fresco set up where anybody can just sit down, relax and enjoy any drink during cool nights. It also offers shishas and hookas. It is a mediterranean place after all. Kite Kebab is a great hang out place with healthy, affordable and tasty food. By the way, they say the ox brain is a must try but we did not have the time to sample it. It is known to really be delicious if you are into trying exotic food.

Kite Kebab Bar - inside

If you want to give your palate a treat, visit them anytime at:

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Kite Kebab Bar
5772 Ebro Street Bgy. Poblacion, Makati City