Fish & Co. Seafood in a Pan

Fish & Co Seafood in a Pan BGC branch
Fish & Co. Seafood in a Pan, BGC branch

Fish & Co. is under the umbrella company of The Bistro group. True to their name, they serve seafood cooked as the main dish, as a side dish, or as a complementary ingredient that changes the flavor and presentation of salads, soups, and pasta.

We visited their branch at Uptown Mall in BGC. Upon entering the restaurant, we couldn’t help but be pleased with the comfortable and relaxing ambiance of the place. The rustic wood evoked feelings of going on an ocean voyage, making you wish there was a sea breeze cooling the rays of the warm summer sun hitting your skin.  We had that distinct expectation that the food they served were caught fresh from the sea. Our kids enjoyed imagining being at the beach.

Since we were hungry and worked up an appetite, we tried their platters.

Their Fish & Peri Chicken Platter is comprised of Peri-peri chicken, fish strips, and seafood rice.

Fish & Peri Chicken Platter
Fish & Peri Chicken Platter

SEAFOOD PLATTER 1 is good enough for two to three persons.  It has grilled calamari, seasonal fish, prawns, seafood rice & chips.

*You can choose your side dish of either coleslaw, baguette bread, onion rings or french fries

Seafood Platter 1
Three glasses of Lychee Quenchers
Lychee Quenchers

We paired it with some Lychee quenchers, believing the cold beverages would match the flavors of the seafood dishes we ordered—which they did quite nicely.

Hot Fudge Chocolate Cake with Cherry
Hot Fudge Chocolate Cake

The kids just had to have dessert.  So we ordered some Hot Fudge Chocolate Cake for them. Just like any kid, they enjoyed this the most.

Their menu is basic with seafood as the main feature. We ordered the platters because we wanted to try out the biggest meals they had.  We got a good combination of prawns, fish, chicken and calamari. They seasoned the food well, making each of us say “I want more!”

We loved the set up. Our toddler enjoyed pretending to be on a rowboat anchored at a port. The food tasted great.  You cannot go wrong with any of the dishes they serve.  It was the portion of serving that didn’t fit us. It is understandable, though.  Seafood is expensive, which is why we ordered the platters that was meant to serve up to two or three people.  Having downed two platters however, left us craving for more.  It just didn’t fill that empty spot.  Not enough for two adults, a teen, and yes, one energetic starving toddler—in case you were wondering how big of a party we were.

So, what can you expect from Fish & Co. Seafood in a Pan?

Great interiors – very Instagrammable! And yes, their team was very accommodating and prompt.

Their food really tastes great.  But if you’re coming bearing a large appetite, prepare to buy more than one meal to satiate your hunger. 
We realize we do have different tastes and tummy sizes.  So let us know what you think in the comments section below.

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Fish & Co. Seafood in a Pan
4/F Uptown Place Mall, 36th St. cor. 9th Ave., Bonifacio Global City, Taguig, Metro Manila

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