Chelsea Kitchen SM Mega Fashion Hall

Chelsea Kitchen

Chelsea Kitchen at SM Megamall’s Fashion Hall

Chelsea Kitchen will grab your attention with its catchy signage and the delectable aroma coming from its choice offerings once you enter SM Mega’s Fashion Hall. Situated on the left hand side of the entrance, it’s the perfect place to hang out both before or after a shopping spree, grab a quick bite before watching a movie, or just buy something to snack on to take with you while you go bargain hunting.  You can also bring your friends, officemates or family and choose from their good selection of group meals.

What we had

Mushroom Chicharon with basil pesto aioli & spiced red vinegar dip (P195.00)
This is one of the best tasting items on the menu. If you asked me to close my eyes, taste it and guess what it was, I would mistakenly blurt out that I was having some crunchy pork chicharon.  Two kinds of dip come with it but it is so flavorful even when eaten on its own. The great part is that it is a healthy alternative to the usual chicharon variety and I’m sure any vegan would love this. A must try if you visit Chelsea Kitchen.

Mushroom Chicharon

Truffled Spinach Cream Dip In A Bread Bowl with tortilla chips (P250.00)
This is a gooey mess of goodness that comes in a bread bowl. This will really whet your appetite.  The dip is really very tasty, has a smooth texture, and I and my entourage were soon lost in savoring its taste that we quickly found out that there were not enough chips to go around.  The bread bowl is edible but cannot be broken down to eat with the dip. Either you order another round of chips or scoop the remaining dip. I guess that’s what the small ladle was for. We should have ordered two of this!

Truffled Spinach Cream Dip

Lasagna with pizza crisp (P350.00)
This was a disappointment since lasagna is such a popular treat. It was dry and seemed to have been left in the kitchen for some time. The pasta was dry and a bit hard on the edges, the meat was dry and flavorless. The sauce was you guessed it, dry.  I’m not exactly sure if it was supposed to be the way it was but it was not exciting as the rest on the menu.

Lasagna with Pizza Crisp

Chicken Parmigiana Herb Crumbs, smothered with white sauce, melted mozzarella (P320.00)
It’s one of their main dishes that is good for sharing depending on how hungry your group is. it is good for 2-4 persons. It tastes like pizza with chicken minus the pizza dough. It can be eaten with either rice or any other side dish.

Chicken Parmigiana Herb Crumbs

Donut Holes dulce de leche stuffed with warm chocolate dip (P195.00)
Our hearts melted with this dessert! First, the donuts were soft with a nice yeasty flavor and not sweet at all. This lets you enjoy the mildly sweet dulce de leche filling.  Its silky texture complemented the donut well. The warm choco dip was a welcome bonus that satiated our sweet tooth. Highly recommended. It can go well with coffee or even a cold drink depending on the weather or what mood you’re in.

Donut Holes

Honey Lime Fizz muddled limes, calamansi honey, lime soda (P195.00)
This is a refreshing drink but when we learned that it was soda-based it was a let-down since we were very specific in asking for an all-natural fresh drink. Take note to ask for a non-soda-based drink when ordering. It is a bit overpriced just for the fizz. However, if you don’t mind having a soda drink with lime and calamansi honey, go for it.


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Its chic looks is attractive and fun. Even though it is not confined to its own exclusive 3 or 4 cornered room it can be quite cozy lounging here thanks to the different comfortable sofa sets and dining furniture that can accommodate any number of people.  The space it occupies in the hall does not intrude with shoppers at all since it is strategically located to be unobtrusive and mall goers can simply pass them by.  The menu presents a wide range of selections for anyone planning to eat solo or dining together with a large group. The prices are mid-range and their servings can still be improved with some hit and misses in terms of presentation, quality and taste. Despite this it is quite a good restaurant I wouldn’t hesitate to visit whenever I’m in the vicinity.  Chelsea Kitchen is a part of Rain Tree Restaurants. it has two branches, one in SM Megamall and one in Eastwood Mall in Libis.

Chelsea Kitchen
G/F Mega Fashion Hall
SM Megamall, EDSA, Mandaluyong City