5 Things to Consider when Ordering Food Online

Shakeys Pizza Restaurant

Before you order food online

Binge-watching your favorite action movies or any exciting TV series on no-chore-to-be-done lazy weekends is incomplete without your favorite meal or snack within easy reach. If you have been stressed out during the work-week and barely have energy to lift a finger to prepare a sumptuous meal for you and everyone who wants to join you, then you really have no other option but to order for some food – no, lots of food – to be delivered straight to your doorstep.

The problem is not all food delivery services are that good.  Here are a few important things you should consider before you dial that restaurant’s number or clicking the “Pay Now” button from their website:

1. Location, location, location – It all depends where you are at and whether or not there is a branch nearby to serve you. If you are new to your area, try to scout for restaurants and fast food chains within a 5-10 kilometers near you when you have time.

You can also go the “Okay, Google, where is the nearest <blank>” method if you really do not care about missing out on newly-opened stores not yet indexed by the well-known search engine.  Just remember, the more stores you know around you, the wider is your range of service and food selection.

2. Mode of payment – Most restaurants accept Cash on Delivery (COD) and credit and debit cards, but only a few accept PayPal. It is important to know which mode of payment a store allows to avoid cancellations or misunderstandings. It is also important to know the delivery charge and the minimum order you need to meet to be able to make a transaction.

Here in Metro Manila, delivery charges vary from a minimum of 50, 500 and 1000 pesos. Some even have a minimum cost you must meet in order to have your purchase delivered. If you ordered on COD basis, double check your receipt if this already includes the delivery charge.

3. Store schedule – There are 2 ways to have your food delivered: ordering online or calling the store’s delivery number. Most open shop at 10:00 a.m. but on some websites you can make an advance or early order. The advantage for ordering ahead of time is that your order would be the first to be processed as soon as the store opens. You will receive a call, an email or sometimes a message on their site or Facebook page for confirmation. This is when you can be specific about your meal.

For example, if you ordered some crispy fried chicken you may wish to convey which chicken parts you prefer or ask them not to put any garnish or condiment you don’t want. In addition, only a few restaurants have a 24/7 delivery service. It is best to take note of those that offer delivery anytime if you are a night owl.

4. Speedy delivery – You know that moment when you are just about to finish that first 1-hour episode and have been wanting to sink your teeth into that juicy burger, spicy chicken, or full-flavored pizza you ordered an hour ago but hasn’t arrived yet?  This seldom happens and most food delivery services nowadays call ahead of time if they won’t be able to meet the agreed upon deadline.

However, we have experienced one service that was truly awful, a fast food chain we never buy from anymore because the food came 3 hours late! We gave them a chance but it happened twice! So take note of the disclaimers stated on the website where you are buying from and clarify to the person who confirms your order via email or over the phone.

5. Service and extra perks – There are various promotions you can take advantage of to buy more food for less the price AND DOES NOT COMPROMISE the quality or serving. You may ask politely for some stuff like extra ice or extra sauce at no cost. This all depends upon the availability of your request and if for some reason they cannot grant it, this should not be taken against them since it is a request.

Of course, the overall attitude of the delivery person is also important.  We really like and remember those who are courteous and professional.

Our best experience

So you may be wondering what is the best food delivery service we have on top of our list.  Based on what we have mentioned above our #1 pick is….

Shakey’s Delivery!

Here’s a rundown why Shakey’s Delivery won our tummies and our hearts: We have been loyal to this brand for almost 5 years and counting. We have tried and tested their delivery service and they never failed us, RAIN or shine. We mostly order online and they call or send an email for confirmation on the dot almost 100% of the time. If not, a quick message on their Facebook page ensures the transaction goes through.  We tried ordering from different locations as well, like when we were on a staycation and checked-in somewhere.

Shakey’s is also one of the few that not only has an online ordering system.  You can order from their website and pay via credit card with no hassle. Shakey's delivery accepts PayPal! Click To Tweet

They have been taking care of us very well. Our various extra requests have been granted – extra ice, condiments, and one time paper plates – at no extra cost! Just recently we ordered chicken with mojos. We noticed that there were only 5 pieces of mojos in the box! We complained and simply gave a heads up to the delivery person. In just a few minutes he came back with a box-full of mojos at no cost. Incidents like these are very rare but we are grateful for their service.  This is why they won our hearts and loyalty.

Here are a few more points on why we love Shakey’s:

a. This couldn’t be stressed enough. They accept PayPal payments aside from cash, major credit cards and debit cards
b. You can have a pizza delivered to your friend.
c. Consistent on time delivery and some branches are open 24/7 (except for some national holidays). Again, it depends on your location which stores will be open for deliveries in your area.

Here’s how to contact them:
Hotline: 77-777
Website: http://www.shakeyspizza.ph/

We hope the tips mentioned above come in handy when you decide to have food delivered.

Disclaimer: This is NOT a paid promo for Shakey’s. In fact, we have all email receipts way back from 2012 and those are only the online transactions. This is based on our years of experience ordering and having food delivered from almost all food chains near our area, all at our own expense.